Philip Hollander

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Director, Global Engineering, Core Technology and Support Systems
Jessup, Maryland, USA

A coordinated focus on the future

Phil’s 15-year career at BAC has spanned engineering, product development, global marketing, and sales, giving him a broad view of the business. His desire for more and more responsibility led him through his journey where he’s come full circle, back to his true passion – engineering. He now leads 6 teams that are experts in a variety of technologies, pursuing innovations in HVAC controls, components, systems, and testing.

Focusing his teams on thinking ahead is where Phil makes his mark. He sees his job as putting plans in place to be prepared for when technical challenges or industry changes arise saying, “To excel in engineering and get ahead of technical or logistical impediments, we must anticipate trends, so we can achieve positive outcomes and meet our goals faster.”

“Our leadership makes smart, strategic decisions, balancing both short- and long-term priorities.”

Ready at the right time

Like any career engineer, Phil faces technical challenges, such as developing a complex heat transfer surface that maximizes efficiencies. What motivates Phil is taking on bigger challenges, like helping change the company’s culture and mindset to think differently to remain relevant and successful. He believes in planting seeds in people’s heads to let them explore on their own, to help people find small successes. “By doing so, they build confidence in the company and in themselves,” he explains.

During Phil’s tenure, BAC has migrated into a more innovative culture, more willing to try new things and explore opportunities in different market segments. With this shift, has come a stronger focus on diversity and sustainability. It’s his mission to invest strategically and prepare early for these future opportunities. With the proper guidance, BAC can become more profitable while being even more of a leader in conserving the planet’s resources.

Happiness is collaboration

Phil is proud that everybody has a stake in the business across Amsted and BAC. “It’s an employee-owned company, so everyone is aiming towards the same goals,” he said. “You don’t have in-fighting or major differences in direction. The culture is friendly, collaborative, innovative.”

As part of that cooperation, Phil has had numerous mentors and he enjoys mentoring others. “It feels good when you’re able to give feedback on how they can develop and they take it seriously, which enables them to realize their phenomenal talent,” he notes. The unique focus on people allows the company to gain more relevance in more markets and Phil wants to help make that journey possible.