Products & Services


Baltimore Aircoil Company is the world’s largest and leading supplier of evaporative heat transfer and thermal energy management equipment for construction applications. Ongoing investment in research, combined with the most advanced R&D laboratory in the industry, enables BAC to consistently offer the most technologically advanced products to exceed both the industry standards and the needs of customers.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers expertly designed and manufactured by Baltimore Aircoil Company use an environmentally friendly evaporative cooling process, resulting in maximum energy savings and operating efficiency.

Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

BAC’s closed circuit cooling towers ​​use a clean, closed loop in a highly efficient evaporative heat transfer process to cool water and other process fluids while isolating the process fluid from the outside air stream.

Ice Thermal Storage

Ice Thermal Storage products store cooling while shifting energy use, dramatically reducing first cost and operating costs. BAC’s technology has significantly reduced electricity costs for district cooling systems, commercial and institutional buildings, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities and can be applied to new or existing applications.

Evaporative Condensers

BAC’s innovative evaporative condensers offer energy savings by providing lower system condensing temperatures than conventional air-cooled or water-cooled condensing systems.

Hybrid/Adiabatic Products

Hybrid and adiabatic products provide the best of both worlds: Evaporative cooling for hot design days and dry cooling for most of the year to conserve water and reduce maintenance. The hybrid and adiabatic products offered by BAC provide low process temperatures while optimizing energy and water efficiency.

Replacement Parts & Unit Upgrades

BAC factory-authorized replacement parts are the most cost-effective way to ensure the operational dependability and consistent performance of BAC cooling equipment. Replacement parts for other manufacturers’ equipment are also available.