Integrity Guides All Our Business Operations

We believe that integrity is the foundation for our relationships with customers, suppliers, other companies in our industries, and the communities in which we work. We require that every employee act honestly, ethically, and with integrity at all times in the performance of their duties. As such, we require annual training and certification of the Code of Conduct from our employees.

Our Code of Conduct establishes guidelines to be followed regarding business conduct and ethical practices. The following are our minimum requirements for all employees worldwide.

Compliance with Laws

It is Amsted’s policy to conduct business in accordance with all applicable laws. Employees are required to know and comply with the laws and regulations that relate to the performance of their job.

Conflicts of Interest

Any interest which prevents an employee from working objectively and effectively must be avoided. Employees should not do business in a manner that personally benefits themselves or a family member, unless approved by a manager.

Gifts and Entertainment

Employees are not to give or receive expensive or otherwise inappropriate gifts and entertainment in connection with employment. Employees may extend and accept infrequent invitations, provided there is a business purpose being served, the amount is reasonable, and the setting is appropriate.

Employment Conditions

Employees are to respect fellow workers. Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. Nor will intimidating, abusive, threatening or violent behavior. The possession, use, or sale of an illegal drug or alcohol on Amsted premises is prohibited. Employees are entitled to have a safe work environment and any condition that jeopardizes employee safety should be reported.

Fair Competition

Employees are required to know and comply with applicable antitrust and other competition laws. No price fixing, bid rigging, market allocation or other anti-competitive conduct will be allowed. Employees are expected to compete vigorously yet fairly in the marketplace.

Company Assets

All Amsted assets including electronic equipment and files are to be protected and used for business purposes.


Employees are not to offer bribes or other incentives in exchange for favorable treatment of Amsted. Public officials and private customers are not to be offered extravagant gifts, entertainment, unearned rebates or credits for doing business with Amsted. Doing business with any party known or suspected to be involved in illicit business is prohibited. Business transactions involving significant amounts of cash are prohibited.


You are not to disclose Amsted confidential or proprietary information to third parties unless disclosure serves a legitimate business purpose and is preceded by the execution by the receiving party of a confidentiality agreement from the Amsted Legal department. If in doubt whether information is confidential or proprietary, employees must receive approval from a supervisor or management before disclosure.


Amsted is committed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations protecting the environment. Employees are expected to do the same and to report any condition which is or could lead to a violation.


Financial reports are to be accurate, complete, timely and representative of Amsted’s position.

Reporting Violations

Amsted has a worldwide corporate compliance helpline available online at, through a mobile app, or a 24-hour, toll-free phone number.

Corporate Compliance Helpline

  • Australia
  • 1-800-01-6885
  • Belgium
  • 0800-7-3607
  • Brazil
  • 08000000247
  • Canada
  • 1-866-490-3244
  • China
  • 400-120-4139
  • France
  • 0800-90-8988
  • Germany
  • 0800-186-0593
  • India
  • 000 800 919 1331
  • Italy
  • 800-787288
  • Malaysia
  • 1-800-81-2902
  • Mexico
  • 001-888-708-0793
  • Netherlands
  • 833-2571264
  • Russia
  • 8 (800) 301-83-89
  • Singapore
  • 800 492 2496
  • South Africa
  • 0800-997-354
  • Spain
  • 900-99-1072
  • UAE
  • 800 0320943
  • UK
  • 0800 069 8606
  • Ukraine
  • 0800 801 217
  • USA
  • 1-866-490-3244