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For more than a hundred years, the heavy haul world has turned to us to keep their railcars rolling in the world’s harshest environments. Whether you need components or integrated systems, global tracking technology or performance analytics, we have the solution.

Freight Bogie Systems

Amsted Rail designs and manufactures a range of complete bogie systems to satisfy every application, thrive in every environment and meet every challenge. Amsted Rail bogies are lighter and more durable for greater payload, lower maintenance costs, and longer lifecycles – all backed by a century-old AAR record for proven reliability.

Freight End-of-Car Systems

The ends of heavy haul railcars take a beating from high-impact contact. To withstand the relentless pounding – from railcar coupling to push and pull on the go –the toughest protection available is required. Only Amsted Rail provides the innovative energy management systems that have set the standard worldwide for performance and reliability.

Freight Brake Systems

Amsted Rail is a world leader in manufacturing brake systems for the heavy haul market. We offer the broadest array of advanced braking equipment, with each component designed to meet the exacting tolerances demanded by the rigors of heavy hauling. They’re built to go long distances with low maintenance and never compromise an inch on stopping distance.

Freight Car Components

Amsted Rail specializes in castings, bearings, axles, wheels, and brakes to provide a seamless, single-source customer experience and keep railcars moving across the world’s toughest operating environments.


For over a century, the Griffin® wheel from brand from Amsted Rail has been at the forefront in wheel design, manufacturing innovation, and reliability. The latest advance is Griffin’s patented Micro Alloy® wheel which is already setting the standard worldwide by providing greater strength at higher temperatures, resulting in fewer wheel-set removals and dramatically longer wheel life.


Amsted Rail provides specialized locomotive solutions, including axles, coil springs, draft gears, bearings and wheels.

Freight Railcar Fleet Management Software & Telematics

Amsted Digital Solutions, a division of Amsted Rail, brings the complex ecosystem of freight rail logistics, typically managed in spreadsheets and several third-party systems, into one user-friendly platform. Our Supply Chain Visibility™ software combines shipment and asset management capabilities with real-time insights from our rugged, low-power onboard telematics devices.

Transit Railcar Systems & Components

Amsted Rail designs, engineers, tests, and manufactures our entire suite of transit products in the United States, including bogie assembly systems and components, end-of-car systems and components, and complete system overhaul and reconditioning services.