“The company has allowed me to take ownership of large projects and challenge myself every day.”


Leaders wanted

At Amsted Industries, we’re looking for leaders, not followers. We want people who like to challenge themselves and the status quo. People willing to roll up their sleeves and tinker with out-of-the-box approaches. In short, people who dream of making a difference. If that’s who you are, we can offer you exciting opportunities for career growth. We also provide a supportive environment where teamwork is the mantra and having fun goes hand-in-hand with working hard.

Valuing diversity

We value a diverse workforce, because we know that talent and creativity can come from anywhere and individual differences fuel inspiration. We offer equal opportunity opportunities for all qualified applicants, regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other legally protected status.

Career Profiles

Investing in your future

Amsted Industries recognizes that company growth depends on investing in the personal and professional growth of each employee. We’re committed to helping our employees develop their skills and pursue their dreams so they can achieve the recognition they deserve.

Amsted Industries

Ann Barry

Risk Manager
Amsted Industries

“I started at Amsted Industries in 2010 as an Intellectual Property (IP) Paralegal. I managed Amsted’s IP portfolio and handled the prosecution and maintenance of Amsted’s patents and trademarks. Then as a Corporate Paralegal, I assisted the General Counsel on all corporate legal matters. I came to Amsted with limited IP and Corporate legal experience but have since gained a lot of experience in both areas. Given Amsted’s size and having a small legal department, I am able to assist on many different matters.

I am proud of the integrity with which this company operates. Amsted is a strong and innovative company. If you wish to be challenged and explore different aspects of a business, Amsted is the place to work.”

Tarang Patel

Senior Tax Analyst
Amsted Industries

“My main focus is preparing federal and state tax filings. I also assist with registering tax accounts and resolving tax matters with various state authorities. I started working for Amsted in 2013 as a Tax Analyst and have seen expanded responsibilities since assuming my current position. Being part of a company as diverse and global as Amsted opens up a world of opportunities to grow professionally. This is a great place to work and the ESOP makes it feel even more rewarding. If you’re looking to learn and grow in your career, Amsted is the right choice.”

Stephanie Solverud

Manager, Employee Benefits
Amsted Corporate

“I help set up and maintain our HRIS and Benefit systems and troubleshoot problems as they occur. I also contribute to our overall benefit strategy to ensure our company provides a great, cost-effective benefits package. I started at Amsted in 1996 as a receptionist. Eventually my position developed into an HR Administrator with gradually expanding responsibilities including Payroll and Accounts Receivable. Amsted has allowed me to further my career by taking on responsibilities outside my comfort zone. That’s what I’m most proud at Amsted: the company’s dedication to developing people and helping them advance. I’m grateful to be part of the Amsted family.”

Daniel T. Rogers

Director of Environmental Affairs
Amsted Industries

“I get involved with everything environmental that touches the company. That includes managing and directing legacy sites through the environmental regulatory process, tracking sustainability initiatives, managing environmental compliance, and providing litigation support. I started at Amsted in 2000 and have been in my current position ever since. After spending the first 13 years of my career in the academic field working to improve the environment, it’s been very rewarding having a positive environmental impact from the corporate side at Amsted. I’m grateful for the opportunity Amsted has given me to make a difference in making the planet better.”

Amsted Rail

Kevin Young

General Manager, Axis
Amsted Rail

“I began working for Amsted in 2014 at our Axis joint venture location in Arkansas. In my position as General Manager, I have the responsibility of overseeing the daily operations of the facility as well as dealing directly with the JV partners, sales and marketing, and the end customers. It is a unique opportunity to be next door to the customer and be able to collaborate and share best practices continuously with them. When I started with Amsted, I was new to railroading and Amsted has been very generous in allowing me to learn not only the North American rail market but also become better acquainted with the worldwide market. Amsted reinvests heavily in their operations to ensure they are world class in every aspect and places a heavy emphasis on innovation to drive the company to the future and beyond. It’s great to be part of such a successful and driven company as Amsted.”

Mike Mason

Director, Product Development & Test
Amsted Rail

“I started at the company in 2005 with only co-op experience and a BSME. Although still early in my career, Amsted Rail has provided me with various career development opportunities in my field of interest. Leading large scale engineering projects, pursuing patentable designs, chairing industry committees, supporting international growth, and managing engineering teams are just a few examples of the types of developmental experiences Amsted Rail has offered in my first 12 years at the company. Additionally, Amsted has continually supported my growth with courses and training when necessary to reach my career goals, including a tuition reimbursement program that I used to obtain my master’s degree. Today, I lead an engineering team in support of our global bearing operations.

If you have the initiative, Amsted will provide the development opportunities necessary to achieve your career goals, regardless of what career path you choose.”

Tim O’Donnell

Director of Sales
Amsted Rail – Granite City

“I started work with Amsted at our Brenco plant in Petersburg, Virginia, heading up our Continuous Improvement Group. That was in 2011. Today I implement our management development program at Granite City and have recently started working as a production scheduler.  Because I’ve been exposed to many different disciplines within the company, I feel my personal development has been on a fast track.  And because Amsted is an employee-owned firm, I see a direct correlation between my success and the company’s.  It’s great to be part of this team.”

Tim Dumey

Supplier Quality Assurance Manager
Amsted Rail

“When I started here in 1995, I worked in the pattern shop making and maintaining foundry tooling. In the years since, I’ve been a process inspector and a product specialist.   Today I work with our Chinese Joint Ventures group to ensure that our quality and technical requirements are met.  My work has allowed me to work with diverse groups of people both in this country and internationally. The experience has helped me grow professionally. One special source of pride is that Amsted is such an integral part of the railroad industry, the industry that was so important to America’s industrial development. Amsted has a rich history in the industry, and I feel good to be part of that.”

Thomas Nelson

Quality Manager
Amsted Rail

“In my five years with Amsted, I’ve been a manufacturing engineer, production supervisor, production manager, and now a quality manager. I have handled maintenance, safety and every aspect of the production of freight railroad wheels. Today I oversee our plant’s quality department, which includes regulatory and customer audits, our operator process control systems, regular quality and dimensional inspections, and product defect reduction initiatives.

From my first days, the company saw to it that I had the training I needed to master the job. That is a key element in Amsted’s success. I think Amsted employees are truly valued and because of that, we feel that we’re part of something special.”

Ruben Tellez Giron Reyes

Quality Manager
Amsted Rail ASF-K de Mexico

“I’ve worked as quality manager with Amsted Rail since I began with the company in 2005. As such, I’m responsible for the quality of the plant’s systems, processes and products.

My job has given me in-depth involvement with AAR certification requirements and expanding my knowledge of the foundry industry. This is a company where, with hard work and dedication, you can achieve great results.”

Robbie Ammerlaan

Manager, International Ops
Amsted Rail

“I started with Amsted in 2011 in the Brenco Supply Chain department focused on Logistics. Since then I have had the opportunity to join the Brenco Leadership Development program and rotate through a variety of management level roles in Supply Chain, Operations, and Finance. In a short time I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge that will help me to continue to grow in my career.

Amsted has proven they are dedicated to employee development time and time again. There are many diverse opportunities and everyone is encouraged to pursue their passions.  This has been a wonderful place to start my career and I’m excited to see what the future holds!”

Ricardo Atitlan Sanchez

Production Manager
Amsted Rail-ASF-K de Mexico

“I began working at Amsted in 2005. In my first job, I coordinated activities within the melting department. I then became a production superintendent in our Molding and Core unit. Today, as a production manager, I oversee the scheduling for our core making, molding, melting and finishing operations.

One of the best things about my experience at Amsted is that I’ve been able to create an environment where employees choose to be productive and perform quality work. It’s a source of pride that Amsted is a company where managers help employees at all levels grow in their abilities, and where everyone promotes an environment of dignity and respect.”

Phil Marti

Sr. Manager Control Systems
Amsted Rail

“When I walked in the door for my first interview at Amsted I was looking for a place where I could grow my current skills, gain managerial knowledge and fill a position where I could make a difference. WOW! I really hit the jackpot.

During my 8 years at Amsted I have held three different positions, two were IT positions and my current position is a Controls Engineering\Systems Integrator position which didn’t exist until about 3 years ago. Our management team had a vision and along with that vision was a need for someone to execute it. Fortunately, I was selected to fill that role and I was given the freedom to execute without strict guidelines. It is difficult for me to describe my current position to family and friends because of the wide variety of tasks I get to be involved in.

The Amsted management teams truly values their people and understands they need good people with good ideas to be successful.”

Patrick Patton

Product Specialist
Amsted Rail

“I joined Amsted as part of our Metallurgical Team. Within four months, I traveled to Mexico and China to perform audits and run furnace tests. Coincidentally, these trips gave me the chance to establish close relationships with our suppliers. Today I specialize in manufacturing bolsters, the largest casting offered by Amsted Rail. In addition, I work with our Quality Team and Finishing departments to solve any production issues that they may be experiencing. I also work closely with our Pattern Shop and Engineering to make design adjustments as needed.  The people I work with our great, and there are always opportunities for advancing. If you’re willing to think outside the box and be challenged every day, Amsted is the place for you.”

Nicolas Vergara

General Director
Amsted Rail—ASF-K de Mexico

“In 2005, when I joined the company, my responsibility was to initiate all of our human resources policies and procedures. From there I moved to production manager, then operation director and then to my current job as general director, with overall responsibility for operations.

One of the most impressive things about Amsted in my experience is that it gives me and all its employees the opportunity to continue to grow professionally as we move from one responsibility to the next.”

Nathan Reese

Vice President – Engineering, Truck and Coupling Systems
Amsted Rail

“I came on board in 2001 as a senior product engineer, designing and developing truck systems and their component parts. Since then, I’ve been a manager in Product Engineering and served as director of Truck Systems Engineering. Today I oversee the teams that designs, develops, tests and services all production freight car truck systems and coupling systems for our domestic and international markets.

One of the most satisfying parts of the job has been to bring our truck systems technology to countries around the world. And it’s important that we operate as a team. That gives employees the chance to develop their skills and move into leadership positions.”

Mickey Clark

Director-Supplier Quality & Testing
Amsted Rail

“I started my career with Amsted in 1989 as a design engineer. I held various engineering positions over the next 13 years when I transferred to Granite City to manage the Test Engineering Laboratory. Today, in addition to the test lab I’ve taken on Supplier Quality Assurance. In this role, my team manages the quality all of the Purchased Finished Material (PFM) that we furnish along with our truck systems. I also represent Amsted as the Vice Chairman of the AAR Coupling and Draft Systems Committee.

Amsted provides opportunities for employees to grow and gain experience in all areas of the business. Amsted has been a great place to work for me for the last 27 years.”

Michael K. St. Clair

Vice President of North American Operations, Wheels
Amsted Rail Company, Inc.

“My first job with Amsted was as third helper at our Keokuk manufacturing plant. That was in 1978, and my responsibilities including stocking supplies for the arc furnaces and tending the ladles carrying the molten metal. Since then, I’ve trained and qualified on every operational position in the wheel plants, managed production and processing and served as works manager in Keokuk, Winnipeg and Kansas City. Today I oversee the day-to-day operations of our five wheel manufacturing plants.

My time here has helped me grow as a manager and helped me further my education. I feel that my opinion and ideas have always been valued and that I’ve always been given the chance to make the company a better place. That’s something we’re all encouraged to do.”

Mauricio Montes Reyes

IT Coordinator
ASF-K de Mexico

“I joined the company 11 years ago as a network technician, so I’ve been here from the beginning. Since then I’ve moved up as supervisor, administrator and now network coordinator. It’s exciting to work at a company that helps us keep our skills current and that is a leader in the rail parts industry. Amsted is a company that takes good care of its employees, and we work hard to take care of it in return.”

Matt Larsen

Sr. Manager Business Systems
Amsted Rail

“Since joining Amsted in 2013 I’ve been involved with leading Amsted Rail’s SAP enterprise software department and aligning technology with company goals.  I’ve also gained experience with a variety of our international operations as well as establishing an initiative to enhance innovation as a core capability across our company.  I appreciate the balance between business operations and technology which promotes valuable learning and growth opportunities.

Amsted has a proud culture which continually strives for excellence and is committed to employee personal and professional growth.  Amsted does a great job of providing a challenging and rewarding work environment, encouraging career growth, and recognizing employees are at the core of success.”

Mark Guinan

Materials Manager
Amsted Rail-Griffin Wheel, Groveport

“This is my first job with Amsted. I started with the company in 2008 and am responsible for managing plant purchasing, inventory control and our storeroom facilities.

At Amsted, every employee takes pride in the products we produce. As owners, we have a vested interest in doing the best job possible. And because we’re a well managed company that continually invests money and talent, we really do achieve our goal of being the best we can be.”

Maggie Yao

Managing Director
Amsted Rail China

“In 1996, I was one of the three founding members of the Beijing Representative Office that Amsted established that year. Since then, I was involved in developing two joint ventures, together with licensing agreements for coupler technology. As managing director, I oversee Amsted business activities in China and sit on the boards of our joint ventures. One of the things that I appreciate about Amsted is that it is a place where you can turn good ideas into reality. Its values are ideals I value – integrity, inclusiveness and recognition and reward of each person’s contribution.”

Kevin J. Skibinski

VP, Operations
Amsted Rail

“When I first started in 1989, it was as a tool designer for customers in the automotive industry. Since then, I have had 12 more assignments, first at Burgess Norton, now at Amsted Rail. My current job entails leading the operation of our Hammond Indiana spring facility.
The great thing about my time with Amsted has been the opportunity to work in a variety of positions from engineering to operations to sales. One thing I have learned is that the company really understands that developing and retaining employees is critical for its future. Case in point: the human resources manager who interviewed me when I first applied for a job in 1989 now heads up Amsted’s ConMet. The company really recognizes and rewards people who work to make a difference.”

Kerby Vulgamott

Superintendent –Shipping, Scheduling and Finishing Operations
Amsted Rail Company, Inc.

“I started as a safety co-op student helping the safety engineer. That was in 1998. Since then I’ve had a variety of assignments that led to my present position as Superintendent of Shipping, Scheduling and Finishing Operations.

I was a young man when I started here, and was lucky to have managers who mentored me and helped me succeed. That’s still the way it is here. If you work hard and treat others like you want to be treated, you can achieve just about anything.”

Josh Tonnies

Project Integration Manager
Amsted Rail

“I began my career at Amsted Rail in 2014 as an intern on the new product development team. Following graduation, I took on a full-time position as a product engineer where I supported multiple product lines and projects. Amsted’s devotion to employee development allowed me to gain expertise in innovation, business, and international expansion through learning opportunities at top ranking schools including The University of Chicago Booth and Notre Dame, as well as peer learning from many executive leaders. In my current position I work as a research engineer and innovation mentor where I continue to develop the company, others, and myself.”

John Fetterolf

General Manager
Amsted Rail – Camp Hill

“1992 was the year I joined Keystone Railway Equipment Company as a quality control supervisor. We became part of Amsted seven years later. Today I manage business operations at our Camp Hill, Pennsylvania plant, where we manufacture energy absorption products.  My experience over the years has prepared me well for my current job. I’ve worked in quality control, engineering and marketing and even had a stint in research and development. I know from my own experience that Amsted is the ideal organization for anyone who thrives on new challenges.”

Joe Robinson

Supervisor-Engineering Services

“When I was hired as a drafter in 1989, all engineering drawings were hard copies on paper. I handled requests for specs all day long, and just by being exposed to so much information, was able to memorize all the part numbers and components we used at the time. Since then, I’ve been an engineering assistant, a drafting supervisor and a drafting services supervisor. Today I oversee our Design Group.

Working here has let me establish genuine connections with customers from around the world. That’s rewarding on both a personal and a professional level. And it’s great to work for a company that leads in the development of new products, helping ensure the viability of the world’s rail industry.”

Jennifer Novak

Director – Quality Assurance Worldwide Sourcing
Amsted Rail Company, Inc.

“When I joined the company in 2004, it was as a New Product Development Intern. Since then I’ve worked in product development and engineering. One of my jobs was managing a castings project for Ukrainian and Russian customers — that involved traveling to both countries. I also had the opportunity to lead a team that developed a new truck design for the Brazilian market. Today I focus on ensuring the top quality of all products produced at our Granite City plant.

This is a place where you get the chance to gain new experiences and participate in projects that expand your knowledge. Our team approach to projects, especially those international in scope, is key to our success.”

Douglas McLaren

VP, Operations
Amsted Rail – AXIS Worldwide

“When I joined the company in 2009 as an operations manager, I was responsible for increasing production at the new AXIS manufacturing facility in Paragould, Arkansas.  Today I oversee the plant’s day-to-day operations while I coordinate with our Marketing and Sales team and our joint venture partners to grow the market for new railroad axles and develop new products. I’ve been able to see my job against the background of our entire global operation, and see how the parts fit together to ensure we continue to grow and meet our financial goals. On a personal level, I’ve been able participate in an executive MBA program and experience different cultures as I’ve traveled the globe. If you’re motivated to succeed, Amsted is the place for you.”

Andrew Seidel

Research Engineer
Amsted Rail

“I started with Amsted right out of college, and the hands-on experience I’ve had here has helped me be an effective team member while I’ve developed my interpersonal skills. My team and I currently are working to apply a network of on-board sensors to assess system reliability and identify problems with railcar components. The great thing is that we’re given the tools and resources we need to meet our goals. There’s a real commitment to excellence and to helping each employee achieve full potential.”

Amber Loeffler

Director, Innovation & iMentors
Amsted Rail

“I’ve been involved with information technologies ever since I joined Amsted in 2009.  I started as an applications developer, devising IT solutions for our manufacturing facilities. Today I lead our IT infrastructure environment, providing support to our end users and overseeing our network operations, voice services and server operations.  I also lead our Service Desk team which provides IT support for more than 1800 Amsted employees around the world. What impresses me most about the company is its commitment to technical innovation as well as to employee development.”

Alejandro Medina Cordero

Human Resources Manager
Amsted Rail ASF-K de Mexico

“I started with Amsted in October 2010. I’m responsible for maintaining the company’s relationship with the local union as well as overseeing environmental, health and safety concerns.

This is a company where managers lead by example. Its entire work ethic is based on that. I’ve learned new ways of developing my own leadership skills and help others to develop theirs. If you work hard, Amsted supports you and gives you every opportunity to succeed.”

Michael Gaynor

Director, Purchasing
Amsted Rail

“I manage the complete PFM supply chain for our facilities in Granite City and Sahagun, Mexico.  This includes sourcing, negotiating contracts, inspecting product, ensuring quality – pretty much everything. I started out in 2005 as a materials manager in Granite City and since then have worked as a purchasing director, business analyst and director of operations. I’ve traveled to almost all of our facilities and get involved in more than just the procurement process – I work with engineering and sales and marketing as part of my job. Amsted is a company with a diverse product mix and abundant opportunities for growth and advancement.”

Karina Talamantes

Administrative Assistant
ASF-K de Mexico

“Since 2009 I have provided administrative support to the director general as well as serve as receptionist at our headquarters offices. In that dual role, I work with people in all company departments as well as interacting with the many foreign visitors that are here on business. One thing that most impresses me about Amsted is the value the company places on its people – we are given every opportunity to develop our skills and take on new challenges.”

Amsted Seals and Forming

Brandon Coble

Process Supervisor
Amsted Seals and Forming

“I was first hired on as a temp on the assembly line for Brenco (Amsted Rail). After five months on the assembly line, I got hired on permanently as a roller grinding operator. Later I was promoted to a lead technician in the grinding department where I developed technical and leadership skills.
I am proud to work for a company that gives you the best chance to succeed and has helped me develop a clear career goal. I never saw myself as a leader until Amsted gave me the opportunity to become one. We do a great job at trying to implement a family atmosphere with family days at amusement parks, celebrating achieved goals, and holiday parties. Amsted has ethical standards that I personally follow and have helped develop me into the person I am today.”

JaQuan Stokes

Roll Form Technician
Amsted Seals and Forming

“I started with Amsted in 2011 as a Seals Phosphate Line Operator and have since been offered many opportunities for growth within the company. Now as a Roll Form Technician, I am responsible for running a brand new, one-of-a-kind manufacturing line making rail car seal cases. The most interesting thing about working for Amsted is the opportunity to operate large, cutting edge machinery and working with the latest technology. I am also proud to be a part of manufacturing components for the rail industry upon which the U.S. is highly dependent.”

Steven Redfearn

Designer in Product Development
Amsted Seals and Forming

“Amsted is a great place to begin and grow a career. I’ve been with Amsted since 2014, starting as a Control Room Operator in Heat Treating, where I would monitor and troubleshoot up to six carburization furnaces and two endothermic gas generators. Now as a Designer in Product Development, I prototype components through tooling design for spin-form applications. The most interesting thing about my job is the opportunity to work with additive manufacturing processes such as 3D printers and utilizing these tools as part of the development process for new products. I love Amsted’s work environment and culture of professional growth, and overall being encouraged to innovate.”

Terry Ward

Director, Finance & Business Development
Amsted Seals and Forming

“Amsted’s size and global reach creates endless opportunities for individuals who want to continuously develop, but at the same time has the culture and feel of a smaller family owned organization. I’ve held several positions and been exposed to all different parts of the organization, with my most interesting experience being my 4-year expat assignment in Moscow, Russia. Today I am focused on driving business development for a newly formed start-up division named Amsted Seals & Forming. Amsted Seals & Forming was spawned from a breakthrough process innovation at Amsted Rail that we are leveraging to drive growth for Amsted in other markets.”

James Myers

VP & General Manager
Amsted Seals and Forming

“I started my Amsted career as a co-op with the Amsted Rail-Bearing product development team. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to work in product development, research, service, quality, process improvement, operations management and business management. I am currently working to grow Amsted’s newest entity, Seals and Forming, by leveraging our seal expertise and forming technology with business partnerships across all of the Amsted companies.

In the 22 years since I began at Amsted, I’ve learned to appreciate how the company’s growth is reliant on the professional growth of its people.”


Kushtrim Berisha

Manufacturing Engineer
Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Co.

“I have been a Manufacturing Engineer at BN since 2017. My main role is to lead and oversee the continuous improvement projects at our lathe turning operations. Working at an Amsted company has allowed me to work with a lot of cool technologies and be a part of two unique teams: the Amsted Vision System panel and a team at BN that led the efforts to integrate MES at our plants. Amsted’s dedication to its employees and its customers make it a great place to work, and we have some of the brightest employees in their respective industries.”

Brian Dalisay

Engineering Manager – Powder Metal
Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Co.

“I started at Burgess-Norton in 1991, when I graduated from college. My first job at BN was technical sales and I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles, including: Quality Management, Manufacturing Management, Project Management, Product Line Manager, and Business Development Manager. My work to procure, validate and install equipment for production lines allowed me to travel throughout North America, Europe, and Asia to work with vendors and customers. It was wonderful to experience other cultures and places, and I am grateful for the many relationships I developed around the globe. I am proud say I work for a company that “makes things.” Each Amsted business is a leader in their industry or segment, and the wide variety of components and systems Amsted businesses manufacture help people around the globe.”

Robert O’Connor

Business Unit Controller
Burgess Norton Manufacturing Co.

“I joined a company that later became part of Amsted in 1998 as a senior auditor. My current responsibilities include the preparation of all financial reports and quarterly forecasts for all our business units. Amsted business units develop and strengthen their people. They provide us with rewarding careers in a company with lasting values and integrity. One of the greatest developments for me personally was the opportunity to relocate to Italy. Here I can experience another culture and actively participate in the global economy.”

Rebecca Cisowski

Marketing Manager
Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Co.

“My job involves implementing SAP, specifically the sales and distribution module, at our domestic and international plants. I began my career at Amsted as an intern assessing market segmentation, then transitioned after college into a marketing analyst role. Aiding in SAP implementation has enriched my perception of how different departments are integrated into one company-wide system. Leading the sales and distribution efforts at multiple plants worldwide, and working in a system I helped design, have been tremendously rewarding experiences. Manufacturing captures the essence of how a business should run. I never dreamed I’d be where I am now.”

Matt Bowman

VP, Powder Metal Operations
Burgess Norton

“I started as a Co-Op Engineer with Burgess Norton in 1995 and gained exposure to process and product engineering. Now as the GM of Burgess Norton Italy, I am responsible for developing and meeting strategic financial and operational plans for the European piston pin plant. Working for Amsted has given me the opportunity to work in various departments in multiple industries. I am proud to know that Amsted invests in their people and offers a wide variety of challenging and rewarding career opportunities.”

Massimo Cotti

Manufacturing & IT Manager
Burgess Norton Manufacturing Co.

“I was hired in 1996 as a Grinding and Marking Laser operator, working on a variety of grinding equipment and responsible for gauging and monitoring production and quality control. Since then I’ve held engineering, manufacturing and IT jobs. Today I have a team of some 100 workers involved in manufacturing, maintenance and internal logistics.

Clearly, working at Amsted has enabled me to experience different jobs with different responsibilities. It’s good to work for a firm that invests in its employees. It’s certainly the right place to work for anyone who takes a high level of personal ownership to his or her responsibilities.”

Jose Angel Martinez Garcia

Manufacturing Manager
Burgess-Norton, Plant 7

“My day-to-day responsibilities include machine and building maintenance as well as ensuring safety, quality, on-time delivery and employee productivity across all production areas. I started working at the company in 2010 as a Parts Process Engineer, eventually moving up to Tool Room lead and Maintenance Manager. Most of my focus was in finding ways to save on tooling costs and improving plant maintenance efficiencies. The strong support of my bosses and fellow workers at Amsted has given me confidence and freedom. They’re always making me feel like I can make things happen and make a difference to the company. I’m proud to work at Amsted.”

Expedito Barocio, Jr.

Director, North American Piston Pin Operations
Burgess Norton Manufacturing Co.

“Amsted companies offer career growth opportunities and a chance for continuing education. When I joined the company in 1998, my responsibilities included operating and troubleshooting our heat treat equipment. Over the years, I’ve been a heat treat technician, team leader, production manager, manufacturing manager and now as Director of North American Piston Pin Operations I am responsible for overall production.

In my career, I’ve had wonderful opportunities to travel and experience other cultures. This is a place where people are expected to work hard. One sign of our success is that we so often exceed expectations.”


Bryan Williams

VP, Engineering

“I started my career at Amsted in 1998 as a MECOP intern from Oregon State University. My position focused on Honeywell turbo machining processes. After that, my first full time job was as a manufacturing engineer at ConMet-Clackamas, responsible for machining and foundry process development, implementation and support. Since then, I have been a quality engineer, design engineer, engineering manager, sales manager, account executive and an applications engineering manager. As Director of Product Development for Wheel Ends, my focus was on lead development and implementation of wheel end strategy and innovation efforts, including overseeing a wheel end engineering group, warranty and field service teams.

If I had to pick one thing I was most proud of in my time at ConMet, it would be the people. We have a great group of diverse and interesting employees that make it fun and challenging every day.

Zheng Yonglong

Machine Shop Production Supervisor
Consolidated Metco – China

“I joined the company in 2009 as a CNC operator. I’ve served as a team leader and as a team leader at our Weifang facility. Today I focus on improving the quality and output of a variety of different products.

It’s a source of satisfaction that the company recognizes the hard work of its employees. It provides me with a platform to develop my full potential. Here at ConMet, if you work well, the opportunities for advancement keep coming your way.”

Tony Han

Foundry Engineering Manager
Consolidated Metco – China

“My first job when I joined Consolidated Metco in 2008 was a foundry engineer. Since then, I’ve been an engineering supervisor and an assistant manager before assuming my current responsibilities. Today I work with new product development and foundry technology and support.

I’ve participated in the successful development and production for ConMet’s first hub. The company’s open management concept really does provide a stage for you to realize your dreams.”

Susano Leon Gaspar

Director of Operations
Conmet de Mexico

“When I joined the company in 2000 as a quality manager, one of my first jobs was to establish the Quality Department at our Monterrey operations. Today I’m responsible for Quality and Engineering for both our Metals and Plastics plants. If a customer has a problem, I’m the man to see. Over the years, I’ve been able to develop and implement new systems and techniques to improve job performance. That’s something everyone is encouraged to do. This is an ethical, forward-looking company and I’m proud to be part of it.”

Kelly Talarico

Director, Sales Operations
Consolidated Metco, Inc.

“I am responsible for the management of ConMet’s Pricing and Customer Service Groups. I started out at the company in 1995 working as customer service representative and later as a manager. Then I moved on to a Pricing Analyst role and finally manager of the Pricing Group before assuming my current position. Working for ConMet, I have been able to strengthen my passion for customer service as well as get deeply involved with the financial side of the business. The trust and independence I have been given in my multiple roles at ConMet has grown my confidence in all I do. I love working for a company where the opportunities are limitless.”

Jason Smith

Director, Change Management
Consolidated Metco

“I oversee sourcing, materials management strategies, logistics and trade compliance for ConMet. This is a critical function given that Amsted manufactures products that are vital to transportation, automotive and industrial applications around the world. I started at Amsted in 2002 as a Plastics Products Manager for Volvo and Mack Trucks and have since held the same title for Daimler Trucks. Working at Amsted has helped me appreciate the importance of an interconnected global supply chain. It’s also afforded me the opportunity to travel extensively in China and Taiwan. Amsted is a great place to work — very people-focused — with solid business practices and ethics.”

Guo Nan

Vice President & China General Manager
Consolidated Metco

“I began my career with Amsted in 2007 when I started up our joint venture in Weifang. That was a green field project that now has more than 400 employees. Today I oversee our China operations including Weifang and a wholly-owned facility in Nanjing. I’m responsible for marketing, sales and engineering as we continue to grow our business in the China market.

Amsted has provided me with numerous opportunities for growing my career and developing my skills. I feel empowered to develop and implement our business strategy to help our growth in China. It’s a source of pride that we have a history that extends back a century, but still value and reward entrepreneurship.”

Everett Lynch

Senior HR Manager
Consolidated Metco

“I manage the entire HR function at our Canton, North Carolina plant. This involves everything from conducting employee training, to administering the Workers’ Comp program, to answering employee complaints, to coordinating the Family Medical Leave Program. I’m also deeply involved in the hiring and termination process. I started at Amsted in 2008 as a Production Molding Supervisor and worked my way up to my current position. Amsted has allowed me to reach my career goal of becoming an HR manager, providing countless opportunities and room to grow along the way. I’m proud to work for a company that has an ESOP Retirement Plan and lets me make a difference.”

Cathy Candelario

Materials Manager
Conmet de Mexico

“I oversee the purchase of all indirect materials and services for our Castings and Plastics plants. I’m also responsible for the inventory and storage of all maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) materials for both plants. I started as a buyer for our castings plant in 2001. My career at Amsted allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. We’re encouraged to make our own decisions. That helps you feel a part of the Amsted family. If you’re a person who likes challenges, this is the place to be.”

Brian Rieger

VP, North American Truck & Aftermarket Sales
Consolidated MetCo

“I started as an intern at the ConMet Clackamas facility as a manufacturing engineer in 1997. Since beginning my career at ConMet, I have been a design engineer for castings; an account manager in charge of commercial activities for our plastics business; a director of engineering, sales, and marketing – China for our wheel end division; a director of sales, Daimler Trucks North America; and I am currently VP, North American Truck & Aftermarket Sales.

The most interesting thing I have done at Amsted was my China tour of duty. Though it was my most difficult challenge to date, it was the most development I have had both personally and professionally. Amsted provides career development and opportunities to succeed. If you have the drive, you will be given the opportunity. I am very grateful for the opportunity and the confidence from Amsted to be successful.”

Means Industries

Ryan Essenmacher

Senior Mechatronics Engineer
Means Industries

“I’ve had the opportunity to experience different roles within the company. Today I work with R&D and advance engineering to develop electrical actuation and sensing solutions for clutch and disconnect systems, as well as alongside applications engineering and with suppliers to bring advance projects to launch. Earlier in my career, I worked in research and development group supporting research and advanced engineering projects and launched the first electrically actuated selectable one-way clutch. I’ve also supported the prototype phase of an electrically actuated, three speed electric vehicle transmission. All of the Amsted companies continuously innovate whether it be in product or process. And they have a strong commitment to employees. It was clear during 2020 that keeping employees safe was the company’s foremost concern.”

Elyse Mitchell

Corporate Controller
Means Industries

“Working for an Amsted Industries company has allowed me to gain a diversity of work experiences within a single company. Amsted provides its employees an environment that is conducive for professional growth and company success, while still allowing for a reasonable work-life balance. My colleagues help to create a work environment that is enjoyable to be a part of and a culture that fosters new and innovative ways to approach work. Amsted recognizes and values the investments made by its employees, which has been both motivating and affirming. And I am proud that I am able to work for a company that is closely integrated with so many businesses that are essential to keeping our country on the move.”

Rajshree Schwenkel

HR Generalist
Means Industries

“I started with Means in 2015 as a receptionist and have since worked my way up as an administrative assistant, employee engagement specialist, and now human resource generalist. I get to wear many hats, working on projects for other departments and managing programs outside of human resources. I’m lucky enough to work under a leader/mentor who supports my job growth and encourages me to get involved in different areas of the company. The educational opportunities are endless, and we have a very close-knit family environment where we all work as a team.”

Igor Ristowski

Engineering Program Manager
Means Industries

“I started at Means as a CNC Operator and worked my way up through a number of positions before becoming Manufacturing Engineer. The work here is fast paced, and it will challenge you to be creative and innovative in your tasks. There are countless opportunities for exceptional personal and career growth throughout your employment. Each position I’ve held since starting at means in 1998 has helped me gain new skills and knowledge to continue and excel in my career growth. I am proud to work with such a great, diverse, collaborative team.”

Shannon Schneider

Operations Excellence Manager
Means Industries

“Transform attracted me with the vision of the company that management expressed. I was also blown away by the extremely positive company culture. From the moment I entered the facility for the first time, I was taken aback by the difference between TFA and other automotive facilities. I really admire the fact that Transform Automotive Management stresses employee development, and in turn employees are trained very well. Another thing I really like is that most promotions occur from within. Feeling valued and important by my company makes me look forward to coming into work every day.”

Carl Beiser

Director, Advanced Engineering
Means Industries

“I started in Means in 2011 as a Product Applications Engineer, where I was an integral part of the team responsible for developing the world’s first controllable clutch. I’ve also been responsible for aligning new product development and business development activities, and today I oversee the execution of global advanced engineering projects and manage a team of engineers located in North America, Germany, China, and Japan. Looking back, coming to work at an Amsted company was the best decision of my career. Throughout my time here I’ve had many professional development opportunities, including earning an MBA and participating in executive training programs. Amsted is an employee-owned company, and we are directly involved with the success of our businesses every day and are empowered to drive long-term sustainability.”

Sherry Aeichele

Quality Technician
TransForm Automotive/ Means Industries

“What I really like about TransForm Automotive is our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. As a Quality Technician I have had the opportunity to grow my skills and knowledge through educational opportunities. I enjoy facing new challenges every day and developing advanced products to meet the needs of our customers. The close knit nature of our workplace provides a network for support and the sharing of ideas contributing to our successful future.”

Baltimore Aircoil Company

Eric Chen

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Chief Application Engineer

“As Chief Application Engineer, it is my responsibility to ensure that specified BAC products meet the project design and proactively look for solutions if and when problems occur throughout the course of a project. I have been a member of the BAC team since 2013, and I am proud to work for this company because we can see our products everywhere. It feels good to know that the products you make are making a difference around the world.”

John Wang

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Project Engineer

“I have been with Baltimore Aircoil Company since the spring of 2011, when I helped engineer an open cooling tower design in China. Since then, I have contributed to the technical support teams, including localization, special design, issue solving and field testing. In my current role as a Project Engineer, it is my job to participate in global component search and qualification for product platform teams. One of my most rewarding experiences at Amsted was helping to design a test platform in the Kunshan plant.”

Chen Shuai

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Senior Technician

“I started my career at BAC in 2007 after graduating from college. Since then, I have grown from entry-level to a senior technician after 11 years working in this big family. As Senior Technician, my role has a manufacturing engineering function. I’m responsible for technical support on sheet metal and Kaizen activities execution for continuous improvement. As an Amsted employee, I appreciate how BAC values respecting individuals, treats everyone fairly, and encourages employee development by providing plenty of open opportunities. That’s what makes Amsted feel like a family.”

Fred Lee Johnson III

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Aftermarket Application Engineer

“As an Aftermarket Application Engineer, I design and create kits, drawings and installation instructions to meet aftermarket needs. I provide technical application support and customization quotes to Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) representatives worldwide. I started my career at Amsted in 2018, and I look forward to expanding my skill set to be even more valuable to this prestigious organization. If you wish to feel included, invested, essential, and constantly challenged to grow, Amsted is the place for you.”

Veerle Proost

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Director of Finance EMEIA

“I began my career at Amsted in 2006 as an Accounting Manager for Belgium and Italy. In my current role, I’m responsible for the entire finance function of the EMEIA region. I oversee a team of 16 people, managing the accounting, risk management & reporting of the 12 entities in our region. I’m also part of the ELT (European Leadership Team) who is responsible for the execution of the global strategy in the region. I enjoy working for Amsted because it is a global company and gives me exposure to different cultures. It is interesting to work with all these different people – it gives perspective and depth to my role and my personality.”

Antonio Visintini

Baltimore Aircoil Company
General Manager South East Europe BAC

“As General Manager of South East Europe, I manage the sales and service activities for Italy, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, and Malta. Along with that, I manage the BAC SRL and coordinate the sales representatives for the area. I began working with BAC in 2008 as a Sales Engineer and have also been a Country Manager and Regional Manager before taking my current position as General Manager. The most interesting thing about working at Amsted is the continuous professional and personal development. They have given me the opportunity to attend professional development courses and made me a part of their international vision for the future.”

Nick Mascarenhas

Global Manager Thermal Modeling
Baltimore Aircoil Company

“In my current role at BAC, I lead efforts to position the thermal technology team as a global hub of thermal fundamentals, performance, and certification. I help provide consultation on an assortment of thermal and certification issues to a variety of functional and global teams. Amsted’s emphasis on innovation has fueled my proclivity for exploration of new technologies. Realizing these technologies in our products has been an extremely satisfying pay-off. In my time at the company, I have been privy to Amsted’s culture of transparency and people development, in an effort to create a workforce primed to revolutionize the industry. I am proud to be part of that workforce.”

Rick Schiller

Quality, Safety and Environment Manager
Baltimore Aircoil Company Australia

“In my current role, I develop, implement, monitor and review business wide Quality, Safety and Environmental systems for BACA regional entities. The most interesting part of my job is having the autonomy to drive improvement through our quality, safety and environmental initiatives, working with our management, and broader BACA team, and over time seeing behaviors changing and the culture evolving. Working with BAC Australia, and as part of the global Amsted group, gives stability, and provides work/life balance whilst it also provides scope for growing within your role. Being part of a global business, I’ve had the chance to travel to other regions and share practices and knowledge, which I’ve really enjoyed.”

Jose Fernandes

Managing Director – Latin America
Baltimore Aircoil Company

“My current responsibilities include leading, developing and coaching a sales team and external distributors in Latin America with the longer-term view of developing a strategy and growth plan for BAC that positions the company as a leader in evaporative cooling in the region.

Working at Amsted has exposed me to a global network of highly motivated, passionate and skilled colleagues, which have not only provided me with much valued support in my career but have also inspired me to keep pushing the boundaries of differentiation, entrepreneurship and innovation so that we can continue leading the market in the different regions.”

Erica Ross

Senior Sales Engineer
Balticare, Inc.

“When I first began with Amsted in 2014, I worked for what was then called BAC-NY as an Inside Sales Engineer. The goal of my position has always been to introduce new BAC cooling towers into the New York City market. Through the years, I have been able to develop within the Amsted organization in a role that challenges me every day.
I’ve learned that if you are a driven employee, Amsted will make a path for your success. I’m most proud to know I work for an ESOP company. When you walk into work every day and know that what you do today directly impacts your future and the future of your co-workers, you immediately feel a huge sense of accomplishment.”

Keith Tripp

IT Infrastructure Manager

“I manage the day-to-day operation of the US infrastructure team, assisting and collaborating with the infrastructure needs of the Global IT Infrastructure team. Working at Amsted has allowed me to implement state-of-the-art technology that has helped our company collaborate via voice and video more efficiently. I love that Amsted is pushing the needle on innovation. It allows our Local Business Team to freely use the tools of technology to better enable the business. If you have ambition, a creative mind, and a desire to grow personally and professionally, Amsted is the place for you.”

Kavita Vallabhaneni

Technical Director – Global Marketing
Baltimore Aircoil Company

“I started at BAC in 1994 as an Applications Engineer, which allowed me to use my education and degree to provide the best solutions for our customers and put BAC at a competitive advantage. In my current role, I lead and coordinate global inputs for strategic planning, understand local and global competitor strategies. I am the marketing liaison for new technology development so that our new technologies are based to meet customer and market needs. I am proud to be a part of Amsted because of the focus on people and the development of people at every level. Amsted is an employee-owned global company that has several successful businesses. From an employee lens, Amsted provides competitive compensation, benefits and a commitment to employee development.”

Stephen Allen

Baltimore Aircoil Company Australia

“I initially joined BAC in the United Kingdom on a casual basis. I was made a full-time, permanent employee in January 2000 as an Assembler, and then made Charge Hand in the Assembly department. Now in Australia, I build a range of BAC units, and am also a member of the Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Team and the Quality Audit Team. Whilst I worked with BAC in the United Kingdom, my wife and I had a dream of immigrating to Australia. When we made the decision to move, this transition was made a lot easier as I was able to secure employment with BAC Australia. We haven’t looked back since moving – we love living on the Central Coast of New South Wales and working with BAC.”

Inneke Denoon

Accounting Manager
Baltimore Aircoil Company

“My primary objective is to provide key analytical support to the business, providing detailed monthly reporting and financial data for the management team in an accurate and timely manner. I provide direction and supervision to the finance team at a functional level, managing the accounts payable/receivable staff to ensure all expenditure and revenues are accurately recorded in-line with all relevant accounting legislation, as well as providing support and assistance to payroll as required. I enjoy learning about all of BAC’s business units and how these operations impact the financial performance of the business. Amsted is a great global company that takes pride in staff development. The longevity of staff members is a great testament to this.”

Sokha Than

Team Leader
Baltimore Aircoil Company

“I’m tasked with leading a department of plant personnel to meet production and customer needs while maintaining a safe working environment. It’s a long way from where I started: as a temporary employee in 2011 learning how to run the machines. By putting in the hours, Amsted soon gave me the chance to go full-time and move up the ladder. Amsted has the type of culture that embraces continuous improvement at every level. It allowed me to create a Paperless Production Control process, using electronic files to streamline ordering. I’m proud Amsted gave me the opportunity to show off my skills. Empowering employees and pushing the envelope is what they’re all about.”

Mary T. Vester

PeopleSoft Business Analyst
Baltimore Aircoil Company

“My job responsibilities are quite diverse. They cover everything from production support for our ERP system, to supporting modules from quote to cash, to interpreting business requirements and translating them into functional specs, to performing integration and UAT testing. I’ve been with the company since 1996, initially hired as a developer to support the manufacturing system. One of the things I like best about working here is the opportunity to travel and meet co-workers from around the world. I also admire the company’s leadership team and their strong, forward-looking direction. BAC is a great place to work, with lots of opportunity to grow.”

Karm Frans Saliba

North American Quality Manager
BAC (Baltimore Aircoil Company) South Africa

“I’m responsible for leading and inspiring a team to deliver a high quality product on time, at the lowest possible cost. I started at the company in 2011 as a “Quality and LEAN engineer” tasked with eliminating waste and achieving continuous development. Amsted has let me grow my leadership skills as well as mentor others to develop theirs. Our company is all about integrity, people, development and performance. I am so proud to be part of an organization like Amsted that places ethics over money. Our code of ethics defines us. The first question we ask ourselves when making a decision is: “What is the right thing to do?”

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