Cooperative Education Program

Amsted’s Cooperative Education Program (“Co-op”) allows college students to integrate academic programs with relevant work experience at an Amsted business. Work sessions are designed to prepare students for future leadership positions in the organization by providing them with exposure to various manufacturing problems, functions, and processes.

Work Assignments

During each work session, co-ops receive projects that would normally be delegated to full-time employees. Previous assignments have included plant layout and design, product and process engineering, metallurgical operations, and production management. As part of their work experience, co-ops may be asked to transfer to another department or business in order to be exposed to other areas of the company. With any rotation, Amsted will inform the co-op in advance and assist with any necessary relocation.

Time Requirement

Co-op students are required to work a minimum of three sessions but have the opportunity to work up to seven sessions. Work sessions generally correspond with school terms and are approximately 11-13 weeks in duration. The co-op program differs from a summer internship program in that work and school sessions are planned alternatively over the course of the calendar year.

Salary & Benefits

Co-ops receive a competitive salary commensurate with the student’s academic level at the time the work session begins. Co-ops are considered non-exempt, salaried employees and therefore are eligible for overtime pay. Besides salary, co-ops also are eligible for many other benefits including:

  • Participation in the Employee Stock Ownership Plan and 401K plan
  • Medical and dental insurance coverage
  • Paid holidays

Long-term Cooperative Success

Qualified co-ops are evaluated by Amsted for full-time employment upon graduation. Amsted benefits from this program because these graduating co-ops are ideal candidates for job openings given their broad training and familiarity with entity operations. Along with the salary and benefits, graduating co-ops who accept full-time positions with Amsted also benefit by retaining any ESOP shares that they accumulated as co-ops. In addition, they can count their years of service as a co-op toward the ESOP and 401K vesting requirements. CEO, Plant Manager, and Senior Product Engineer are just a few of the job titles held by previous co-op students.

Student Eligibility

  • A minimum 2.5 GPA (3.0 on a 5.0 scale).
  • Completion of freshman year at an accredited four-year college or university.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Leadership potential and an interest in gaining “hands on” experience in manufacturing operations.

Apply Today

Qualified students who are interested in Amsted’s Co-op Program should contact their college placement center to obtain more information about Amsted. If Amsted is not scheduled to visit your college, you may send your resume to the link below.