Products & Services

Commercial Vehicle

For over 50 years, we’ve been designing, engineering, and manufacturing transformative technologies for the commercial vehicle market, delivering tailor-fit solutions to OEMs and providing top-tier service and support to the aftermarket.

Hub assemblies

ConMet offers the most advanced wheel ends on the market, including industry standard PreSet and PreSet Plus pre-adjusted hub assemblies for heavy duty application. For more than 20 years PreSet technology have been the go-to wheel end for commercial vehicles in North America.

Hubs & rotors

ConMet has built on its success with PreSet hub technology by adding rotors to create a wheel end designed for optimal use on commercial vehicles with disc brakes.

Brake drums

ConMet brake drums are designed for superior performance and long life through our patented, industry-tested technologies found in TruTurn®.

Aluminum Castings

ConMet produces high quality, high strength aluminum castings for a wide range of heavy-duty truck and transportation applications. Their aluminum casting services include die castings and permanent mold castings.


ConMet has been manufacturing the best interior and exterior plastic components in the industry for over 40 years. They use state-of-the-art equipment and the newest processes available, enabling them to provide innovative, industry-first designs and products to the commercial vehicle market.

Aftermarket wheel-end components

From industry standard hub assemblies and brake components to our proprietary wheel bearings, seals and spindle nuts, ConMet’s solutions are available in the aftermarket through leading dealerships and parts distributors across the United States.

Telematics solutions

ConMet Digital is on the cutting edge of intelligence and data science in the commercial vehicle industry, providing a holistic view of actionable insights that allows fleets to make better, more precise decisions and drastically improve their operations.


ConMet eMobility is enabling the development of zero-emission commercial vehicles, helping fleets exceed sustainability goals while striking the right balance between improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and performance.