People first means safety first

The safety and health of our workers and those that visit our facilities is always our top priority. It is ingrained in our culture – not only are all levels of the organization appropriately trained to maintain the highest levels of safety, but our concern for one another is authentic. Safety metrics from our operating facilities are reviewed monthly with our CEO & Senior Leadership team, and best-in-class performance and continuous improvement are expected across all our businesses.  As a result of this focus, and the dedicated efforts of our facilities’ teams, over the past 7 years Amsted Industries has reduced its OSHA recordable injury rate by 50%.



Investing in a safe future​

We also focus on and invest in best-in-class safety policies for our customers. Our products are engineered for performance as well as safety. We invest in the proper training to equip our customers with the knowledge needed to safely and effectively install, operate, or maintain our products.