Doing our part for a brighter tomorrow

As a global leader, Amsted Industries is committed to conducting operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and consistent with that of a good corporate neighbor and citizen. Experience has taught us that it’s essential to all our stakeholders to be good stewards of the environment.

  • Formal board committees: Audit, Governance, and Compensation & Management Development
  • Financial and operational control compliance and audit programs
  • Code of Conduct certification and training for all employees annually
  • Worldwide corporate compliance helpline

Limiting our carbon footprint

We’re dedicated to conserving resources and recycling whenever possible across our manufacturing and office facilities worldwide. Every gallon of fuel consumption we can eliminate, every kilowatt hour we save, and every ounce of scrap metal we recycle contributes to the success of our sustainability strategy. All of our divisions continue to lead our industries in process innovation to mitigate our environmental impact.


Creating cleaner, more efficient products

All of our businesses are aligned with customer and industry trends toward electrification and sustainable products. We invest in new product development that not only enhances performance but limits the carbon footprint of the end user.

  • Our core product offerings are continually innovated to become lighter and more efficient, leading to less fuel consumption.
  • We are investing in the development of next-generation products in electric mobility, digital technologies, and more.