Products & Services


Through advanced knowledge of materials, applications, engineering and manufacturing, Amsted Automotive is driving the future of propulsion. Whether for electric, hybrid, or traditional automotive applications, Amsted Automotive products reduce mass, extend range, improve safety, increase performance, and maximize drivetrain efficiencies.

Precision Piston Pins

As the world’s largest manufacturer of piston pins, Amsted Automotive powers over 150 million vehicles every day. With an established reputation for quality, reliability and value, their dedicated team of engineers provides customers with assurance that the highly stressed piston pin in the heart of their engine will satisfy the most rigorous application.

Powder Metallurgy

Amsted Automotive sets the standard in design expertise and agile production for precision powder metal components and soft magnetic composites.

Advanced Metal-Forming Processes

In-die splining. Laser welding. Flow forming processes. We produce highly complex custom components and assemblies for the future of powertrain architectures.

Controllable Mechanical Diode (CMD)

Designed for mass reduction, Amsted’s CMD one-way clutch is easily configured into numerals modal combinations to decrease packaging space and reduce spin loss.

Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC)

Eliminating the need for complex hydraulic systems, Amsted’s DCC offers substantial packaging and system efficiencies through electric actuation.

Mechanical Diode (MD)

50 million in use and counting, Amsted’s MD one-way clutch is designed for static or dynamic applications—providing seamless shifting for hybrid or BEV gear boxes.

Cold Forming & Net-Shaped Capabilities

Backed by 27 machinery cold formers, Amsted Automotive’s advanced engineering processes offer components up to 22 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter.