Lauren Pierce

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Director, Human Resources – North America – BAC Water Ambassador
Jessup, Maryland, USA

The key is identifying ways to make people feel valued

BAC is employee-focused and Lauren tailors their global people strategy for the North American region, working with her team to execute it. Day-to-day responsibilities include strategic guidance, recruitment selection, learning development, reward, and engagement. She came to BAC from a large corporation and has worked in smaller organizations. “BAC falls in the sweet spot,” Lauren explains. “There’s an opportunity to be visible to senior leaders and make an impact no matter your role. People are never taken for granted.”

Arriving to BAC in January of 2020, she’s had to adapt quickly as COVID forced the offices to close that March. Lauren hired and onboarded individuals remotely. She helped transition the workforce into the virtual space and ensure everyone had access to critical information to be able to work as safely and efficiently as they had in the workplace. There was no research or experience to guide her, but the challenge honed Lauren’s skills

“We take an ethical and moral responsibility to make the right decisions for each employee.”

The resources to inspire loyal, engaged employees

“We put a premium on employee development,” said Lauren. To help people polish their skills and advance their careers at BAC, there is an opportunity for mentorship and extended learning. Lauren has taken advantage of executive online courses, herself, and she’s had the opportunity to partner and lead BAC global projects.

Lauren credits Amsted for bringing invaluable resources to the table saying, “we are employee-owned with an ESOP program, which results in a more engaged workforce.” Amsted also provides the funding to allow her to pursue partnerships with diverse organizations for the advancement of specific talent, such as Women Engineers and Hispanic Professional Engineers.

Giving’s as good as getting

At the end of the day, Lauren wants to make the office, the company, and the planet a better place. Her team is fortunate to help formulate and execute the employee-focused decisions for a company that in Lauren’s view, “truly puts their money where their mouth is when it comes to treating people correctly.”

Lauren further values her role at BAC because she’s uniquely positioned to bring in the right talent to drive new innovations. Contributing to the development of sustainable cooling solutions excites Lauren and her team. As they create a safe space for the company’s people to meet the challenges of an everchanging customer needs, Lauren can feel good at night when she goes to sleep. That’s how she defines “success.”