Amsted Automotive Wins 2023 Merit Awards for Novel ElectricVehicle eAxle Disconnect Technology

Southfield, MI – Amsted Automotive received the 2023 Merit Award for Automotive and Transportation with its novel Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC), an Electro-Mechanical eAxle Disconnect System for electric vehicles (EVs). The Amsted eAxle Disconnect System engages and disengages the drive axles, to conserve and maintain on- and off-road capabilities while increasing EV range by up […]

Amsted Automotive Presents Range-Extending Technology for Next-Gen EV Drivetrains at 2023 CTI Symposium Expo

Southfield, MI – The demands on electric vehicle (EV) powertrain systems continue to escalate to better meet customer needs, and Amsted Automotive is developing solutions to meet those needs. The latest evolution for next-generation EV drivetrain systems is the Amsted MultiFunctional Shift System with integrated one-way-clutch functionality, which will be presented at the 2023 CTI […]

Amsted Automotive Electric Vehicle Driveline Technology to be Presented at 2023 World Congress Experience

Southfield, MI – The 2023 SAE International WCX World Congress Experience has a goal of united engineering communities in order to address worldwide mobility challenges and opportunities with the newest technology and services. This event, being led by transportation leaders, suppliers, and subject matter experts, and attended by transportation leaders, suppliers, and subject matter experts, […]

Amsted Automotive Defines Strategies for Driving the Future of Electric Propulsion

Southfield, MI – The transportation industry is currently in hot pursuit of an answer: How do we respond immediately to the urgent demand for new technology for electric vehicles (EV)? Amsted Automotive Group (AAG) and its companies are responding now to the need for EV propulsion systems optimized for function, range, and cost. AAG has […]

Burgess-Norton Powder Metallurgy for EVs is Cover Story of New Issue of Powder Metal Review Magazine

Southfield, MI – Amsted Automotive Group continues to make headlines as a leader in the transportation industry’s expedited shift to vehicle electrification. But what does this leadership look like exactly? In part, it’s due to Amsted’s innovative system components that address the immediate requirements for the transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric powertrain […]

EV Drivetrain Solutions from Amsted Automotive Will be Demonstrated at 2022 CTI Symposium Germany

Southfield, MI – The automotive industry’s transition to zero-emissions mobility is taking place at an accelerated pace, making innovative propulsion technologies extremely high in demand. Amsted Automotive, a leader in drivetrain solutions, is uniquely qualified to address successful transition from internal-combustion-engine vehicles to electric vehicles. Its revolutionary Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC), an Electro-Mechanical E-axle Disconnect […]

Amsted Automotive Group Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Means Industries and Its Industry-Leading Clutch Technologies

Southfield, MI – Amsted Automotive celebrates a prominent milestone: the 100-year anniversary of group company Means Industries, which was established in 1922. Means will continue worldwide leadership into its next century by engineering high-quality torque transfer solutions for efficiency advancing products in electric vehicles. Means Electric Vehicle solutions include its first-of-its-kind Mechanical Diode, Controllable Mechanical […]