Amsted Automotive Wins 2023 Merit Awards for Novel ElectricVehicle eAxle Disconnect Technology

Southfield, MI – Amsted Automotive received the 2023 Merit Award for Automotive and Transportation with its novel Dynamic Controllable Clutch (DCC), an Electro-Mechanical eAxle Disconnect System for electric vehicles (EVs).

The Amsted eAxle Disconnect System engages and disengages the drive axles, to conserve and maintain on- and off-road capabilities while increasing EV range by up to 10 percent. A white paper on DCC functionality can be downloaded at

This technology is utilized in production EVs commercially available today, making it a realworld solution for global automakers to provide seamless engagement and disengagement of all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive in EVs.

Merit Awards recognize leaders and businesses in multiple industries that shape today’s world. Categories include healthcare, technology, business, automotive and more. Gold is the top winner in each category, followed by silver and bronze. Amsted Automotive received the Gold award in the Automotive and Transportation Electric Vehicles segment. Winners were announced January 8, 2024.

About Amsted Automotive Group

In 2021, Amsted Automotive Group brought together Means Industries Inc., SMW Manufacturing, and Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co., Inc. to form a new and innovative technology team. The integration provides an expanded global presence with 21 facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia to serve the global automotive customer base with a robust manufacturing footprint, producing over 100 million components and assemblies annually. The group combines design and engineering expertise, strategically aligned to be a nimble leader in advanced metalforming and efficient torque management solutions for electrified propulsion systems. Amsted Automotive Group plays an integral role in global automatic transmissions designed and manufactured in North America, Europe, and Asia.