Gustavo Lima

Amsted Rail
Transit Program Manager – Quality System
Granite City, Illinois, USA

Applying himself and his experience to opportunities

Gustavo has leveraged knowledge gained working with different automotive companies in Brazil and Mexico to become an invaluable asset to Amsted Rail in the Sahagun, Mexico facility, and now in the Granite City plant for the past year. He’s responsible for strengthening a quality system to meet the demanding requirements of a new transit business customer.

When he started at Sahagun as a Product Support Manager, the plant was in a “comfort zone” developing familiar products with little change in specifications. However, big changes soon came about as Gustavo began taking on international projects. New markets brought new customers and different sets of specs. This fueled growth for both the company and Gustavo as he coordinated on-site audits, working closely with the quality director in Granite City. Continuous improvement was the target, by gathering data and applying it to problem-solving.

A unique set of skills for a big step forward

The transit customer requirements are like those in the automotive industry, so Gustavo’s past experience and working relationship with Granite City were a huge plus for filling his current position. He’s now supervising special process audits – including casting, heat treatment, welding, magnetic particle inspection, painting and torque tightening. In addition, he coordinates documentation with cross-functional teams and is responsible for prep and execution of First Article Inspections.

“If we can succeed with this project, we can succeed with anything in the future because we’ve learned to meet very high expectations.”

The extensive specifications for transit have required an intensive learning process. Gustavo has met with experts in each step of the manufacturing process and visited the customer’s facilities on a regular schedule to get up to speed and ensure them that Amsted could meet their needs. Now, it’s his job to see the requirements are implemented and production is on track for next year. He credits Amsted personnel and their wealth of experience in related fields for his ability to develop the necessary skills.

Onward and upward

As Gustavo has become immersed in the transit industry and the steel casting processes, he’s excited about the move saying, “once you break your roots, it’s like you’re a citizen of the world. As long as you are with your family, that’s all that matters.” He’s also inspired by the company’s Value of the Person ideology and the new divisions created at Amsted. “Our expansion gives people the opportunity to grow and show their leadership skills,” said Gustavo.