Amsted Rail and GE form strategic partnership to add railcar performance monitoring to freight train intelligence

To build the next generation of intelligent freight trains where locomotives and railcars are continuously monitored, Amsted Rail and GE have teamed up to combine GE’s experience in train management and
locomotive monitoring with Amsted Rail’s expertise in onboard monitoring of railcar component
condition. This solution integrates Amsted Rail’s IONX Edge™ monitoring system for railcars, which
features a standards-based intra-train communication network, with GE’s GoLINC™ industry-tested
network, communication, and application management platform for the railroad environment.

Increased train reliability and operations.
By providing a communication pathway up the train consist to the locomotive, near real-time alerts can
be delivered to train operators about the condition of key railcar components continuously or during
critical operating events. “The addition of an intra-train network to our existing cellular communication
means we can deliver railcar operating information to our customers wherever they can derive the most
value from it.” says William LeFebvre, General Manager and Chief Technology Officer for Amsted Rail’s
Industrial IOT business, IONX. “It means our solution works in a scalable way, supporting an individual
railcar or complete train consists.” This new solution provides actionable data to an operating railroad’s
back office, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions about train movements.

More precise monitoring means better control.
“You move from intermittent data collected from wayside detectors, spaced sometimes 200 to 400 miles
apart, to near real-time monitoring of railcar component health, as well as railcar dynamics.” says Brad
Myers, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Amsted Rail, highlighting the advancement. “This platform delivers a much more complete and more accurate understanding of what’s happening during train operations.”

GE’s transportation leadership role in locomotive assets combined with the expertise of Amsted Rail’s
IONX system in freight rail components and condition monitoring, provide the first ever integrated
onboard train monitoring platform to the freight rail industry.

About Amsted Rail
Amsted Rail, a globally integrated manufacturer of components and innovative systems for freight cars
and locomotives, has been an industry leader in freight railroading for more than 100 years. Their IONX
system provides real-time location and condition reports to better manage freight cars and other mobile
assets, improve logistics management, and get immediate notification of critical events.

About GE Transportation
GE Transportation is a global technology leader and supplier of equipment, services and solutions to the
rail, mining, marine, stationary power and drilling industries. The GE Transportation Digital Solutions team
provides data-driven insights to provide greater control, lower costs and increase operational efficiency.