Wayne Luce joins Leadership Team as head of HR

We’re proud to announce the appointment of veteran Amsted HR executive Wayne Luce to the position of VP-People. Wayne will join our Leadership Team and head up all Human Resources initiatives throughout the organization, worldwide.

Wayne brings a wealth of experience to his new role. “Having worked at various roles and divisions across a 20-year career at Amsted, I have had the opportunity to see and understand the talent and dedication of our people all across the organization,” Wayne said. “That’s the driver for Amsted being such an exceptional company.”

Moving forward, Wayne’s focus will be to support and serve the strategic business initiatives of Amsted’s CEO and divisional Business Presidents. He plans on accomplishing this through collaborative and innovative Human Resource programs and systems that create greater value for Amsted’s ESOP owners.

Wayne will be looking out for each and every employee, as well, promising to promote growth opportunities and stimulate innovation. “In my leadership role, Wayne states, “we will implement new, collaborative and innovative ways to create a superior employee experience across all locations at Amsted Industries.”

Adds Amsted Industries CEO Steve Smith: “I know Wayne will be a strong addition to our Leadership Team. He’ll hit the ground running and do whatever it takes to maximize our most important asset: our people.”