Sarah Evans

Product Marketing Manager
Vancouver, Washington, USA

Keeping the customer in touch with innovation

Sarah switched from marketing medical equipment to the commercial transportation industry because she was fascinated by the speed at which commercial vehicle products and services were adopting new technologies. She knew there was a compelling story to tell and a chance for dramatic career growth. Sarah started at ConMet as a Marketing Specialist on a budding team that was just beginning to develop strategic product material.

Powered by her own vision and encouraged by ConMet executive leadership, Sarah put together a proposal why more coordinated product marketing was needed to effectively educate a wider customer base about ConMet’s new innovations. Now, as Product Marketing Manager, she ensures that when ConMet launches a new product or service, people know who ConMet is, what they stand for, and why to trust in the quality of deliverables.

“We see ourselves as translators, taking a highly complex technical concept and shifting the focus onto the value the technology brings to a customer.”

Excited to introduce unique ideas to the market

Sarah and the marketing team are focused on developing launch plans, positioning products more thoroughly, expressing the value proposition of the products, and conveying how it will add to the overall value of their client’s product – increasing safety, profitability, and more sustainability. With Sarah’s experience, she can build tools that help the team tell a richer story, making information about new technologies more digestible to customers.

“Our engineers are invaluable experts in our industry, helping us understand a technical product or explain the use case behind the true value to the customer,” said Sarah. This enables the marketing team to support business development and sales groups, preparing them for better product positioning, and increasing the company’s overall brand equity through consistent messaging.

See the future, be the disruptor.

“Fleets have been consolidating,” Sarah notes. “As a result, we see more solidarity with how fleets are approaching new technology.” Working closely with Business Development, Product Managers, Engineering, and Sales, the marketing team is pivoting by promoting product innovations more directly to the end user and building stronger customer experiences with ConMet products.

As ConMet pushes to stay ahead of the industry’s expansion into new technologies, Sarah’s marketing plans have expanded to show how these advanced products and services can better prepare OEMs and fleets to stay competitive. Sarah sums up the mission for the coming years saying, “we plan to take the customer experience and ConMet brand equity to new heights, we want to be the disruptor in our industry.”

“The industry is always shifting, now faster than ever, so it is essential to keep disrupting ourselves.”