Jamie Morse

Amsted Automotive Group
Plant Manager
Saginaw, Michigan, USA

A career characterized by upward mobility

Jamie Morse joined Means Industries, now part of Amsted Automotive Group, in 2015 as a Quality Assurance Technician/Production Supervisor. She’s held a variety of positions over the last 16 years in the automotive industry.  Most recently in 2022, she was promoted from a Production/Materials Manager to Plant Manager.

Jamie gives credit to her at-work mentors for opening her eyes to other opportunities within the company. “In the Materials Coordinator role a few years ago, I was perfectly content and loved my job,” explains Jamie. “Throughout my life people have made comments that I am a natural born leader and that the sky is the limit, but it was really an inspiring mentor who encouraged me to utilize my leadership skills at the next level.”

“We are working as a team, wearing multiple hats, and are ready and willing to take on any tasks to get the job done together,” Jamie says.

A company that grows with its people

Jamie has witnessed the culture of Amsted Automotive continue to become more energetic and teamwork-oriented as the years progress, which aligns with her personality and drive.


Jamie is also excited about newer employees who are just as driven as she is, and who seek the guidance of leadership to grow in their careers. As someone who has benefited greatly from mentorship in her career, Jamie is proud to advise and energize her team to thrive in this environment.

As a company, Amsted Automotive is rapidly growing and taking on more business. Jamie sees herself staying in her current role or another leadership position within the company to continue to grow successful teams alongside the business.

“With such a large and talented group, the possibilities are endless.”