Pavan Kumar Dunna

Engineering Manager of Hub Design
Vancouver, Washington, USA

High energy translates into high performance

Pavan started at ConMet in 2004 as a contractor after completing his Masters in Mechanical Engineering. The professionalism and open culture among senior engineers inspired him as much as the thrill of keeping up with the pace of technological advances. Pavan’s boundless enthusiasm found a home in a work environment where every individual is highly valued, with the support of his peers, he advanced through the ranks to become the Engineering Manager of Hub Design.

“Problem solving is what motivates me, and there’s no better place than ConMet to take on new challenges.”

Aside from earning his master’s in mechanical engineering and immersing himself in the latest tools to design next generation solutions for an ever-changing industry, Pavan now collaborates with engineers not just in the US, but also Europe, China and India. As industry standards vary from country to country, Pavan is constantly challenged to develop customized solutions, which is his opportunity to exceed expectations and raise the standards in different global markets.

In design, who dares wins

ConMet is a global company focused on technology and innovation, and Pavan thrives on being part of a team that’s hungry to explore new ideas. “We can’t be intimidated by making mistakes as we develop solutions,” said Pavan. “Always dare to think differently and see your setbacks as opportunities to learn.” Pavan’s passion to overcome every client problem is the spark that leads to creating new products and patents.

“What excites me the most about the future of ConMet is our emphasis on sustainability.”