Erin Pan

Baltimore Aircoil Company
Engineering Manager of Global Components Team
Jessup, Maryland, USA

People are our greatest asset

“I’m lucky to have a team where everybody shares a clear and common goal,” says Erin. What first attracted her to BAC in 2005 was the engineering crew and their contributions to the growth and development of the cooling industry. Now, 17 years into her career at BAC, she remains impressed by how innovation is in everyone’s blood, from the President to the designers to the engineers.

While the core values at BAC – showing courage, driving innovation, embracing responsibility, and earning trust – contribute to its success, Erin also credits the unique culture of collaborative trust that sets BAC apart. “There is trust between the departments, here, that we’re all aligned in advancing our products, which leads to trust between the customers and BAC and between the suppliers and our teams,” she explains.

“We drive innovation through bold vision and collaboration from top to bottom.”

The mix of engineers is a match for any challenge

Erin’s team is searching and sourcing new materials and components that can be used in their products every day to advance sustainable cooling. “My greatest challenge isn’t the work, but having a team comprised entirely of engineering experts,” says Erin. This luxury creates a fascinating dynamic because great minds don’t all think alike when approaching a problem. It’s Erin’s job to distill their brilliant insights into a focused solution in which everyone contributes and shares ownership. The engineers under Erin’s supervision run technical qualifications on new materials and components to evaluate potential uses, building a backlog of components/parts for reference as new technologies evolve. Her work keeps BAC at the forefront of developing and implementing customized cooling solutions for the HVAC, industrial, and refrigeration industries. These advancements save energy for our customers while conserving the planet’s most precious resources.

Determined to make an impact on the industry and beyond

“As a team and as a company we are focusing our vision and investments on reinventing cooling technology,” she explains. Every year BAC hosts, sponsors, or participates in industry-wide events where they share with the industry on what’s next for the cooling technology. “By reinventing cooling, we can make an impact on the world,” said Erin. As for what the future holds for Erin, she wants to use her experience in communicating with customers and vendors to extend her work beyond the technical side. Her goal is to get more involved on the business side of the supply chain or front end of marketing and strategy.