Todd Andrzejewski

Amsted Automotive Group
Mechatronics Engineering Manager
Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Pioneering a new engineering field

In his 11 years at Amsted, Todd has always applied his skills to the cutting edge of automotive engineering. He’s immersed himself in the relatively new field of mechatronics, which focuses on the integration of mechanical, electronic, and electrical engineering systems. Todd and his colleagues have combined all those disciplines into creating devices known as sensors and actuators. These minicomputers sense the speed and position of objects in motion and actuators are designed to move objects in the assemblies.

Todd’s current team has only been together since 2019, but their impact has been substantial. They successfully launched electrical CMD and DCC systems that provided the opening Amsted needed to advance into the electric vehicle (EV) market. This jumpstarted the company’s growing profile in the next-generation automotive industry.

"We are committing to new technologies and markets to keep ahead of our competition.”

Driving the future of propulsion

The changes at Amsted have impressed Todd, “First starting out, timelines were longer, programs and products were mature. Since then, our focus on the electric future has shortened timelines. We now work in a fast-paced environment with new challenges every day.” Todd now manages R&D and capital projects steeped in advanced actuation technology that will keep Amsted at the forefront of clutching technology and propulsion systems.

The highly engineered mechatronic clutch designs extend range, increase performance, and maximize drivetrain efficiencies. Amsted has proven they can diversify as the market demands. From Todd’s standpoint the company has the design and engineering expertise to take advantage of new markets and new segments. With the investment in mechatronics, Amsted is well positioned to bring new product lines forward to prepare for whatever comes next.

A forward-looking workplace leads the way

Todd has benefited from the company’s tuition reimbursement program. While working at Amsted, he’s earned two degrees – Masters in Engineering and Masters in Engineering Management – that have propelled him into the position he holds today.

As the systems that Todd and his team help create become more integrated into more customer locations, he cannot see himself working anywhere else. “Amsted is a big supporter of ESOP, which gives you company ownership. That has a positive influence on the company culture. It drives us to improve and try to drive that value as far as we can to benefit ourselves in the end.”