Amsted Automotive’s SMW Manufacturing Featured with JENNMAR in BOSS Magazine for its Cold-Forming Metal Expertise and Capability

Southfield, MI – SMW Manufacturing was featured in the August 2022 issue of BOSS Magazine as part of an editorial section on JENNMAR. Part of Amsted Automotive, SMW is an engineering and manufacturing division focusing on cold-formed and precision-machined components for the heavy truck, automotive, mining, construction, infrastructure, and industrial markets.

JENNMAR was founded in 1922 to support mining companies. Today the company has expanded into chemical manufacturing, metal cutting, industrial fabrication, machining, labor services and more. JENNMAR relies on SMW for precise cold-forming and net-shaping technologies, and SMW’s ability to provide high-quality components at the required volume.

One of SMW’s core technologies is cold-forming steel. Cold-forming is an alternative to traditional bar stock. The process creates uninterrupted grain flow, which results in stronger components and significant material savings. In fact, it uses just one third of the steel that traditional bar stock machining requires in most applications. Some of the products that SMW engineers and manufactures using net-shaped cold-formed technologies are hydraulic stems, ferrules, and longwall mining tools.

In addition to leading technologies in cold forming and net shaping, SMW has the capability to produce components on a large scale while maintaining precision and quality across the production run. This is critical to large companies such as JENNMAR that require significant scale.

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About Amsted Automotive Group

In 2021, Amsted Automotive Group brought together Means Industries Inc., SMW Manufacturing, and Burgess-Norton Mfg. Co., Inc. to form a new and innovative technology team. The integration provides an expanded global presence with 21 facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia to serve the global automotive customer base with a robust manufacturing footprint, producing over 100 million components and assemblies annually. The group combines design and engineering expertise, strategically aligned to be a nimble leader in advanced metal-forming, powder metal manufacturing, and electro-mechanical clutches for electrified propulsion solutions. Amsted Automotive plays an integral role in the global automotive market, both ICE and EV, in North America, Europe, and Asia.